Side by Side has received the following endorsements.

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker

“On behalf of the citizens and residents of Prince George’s County, I want to thank you for the work you are doing in conjunction with Prince George’s County Public Schools to strengthen schools in the Laurel area.”

“The services provided by Side by Side will have a long-lasting impact and enable our students to achieve academic success. Prince George’s County is grateful to have organizations like Side by Side that are committed to enhancing the quality of programs available for students and their families.”

Former Prince George’s County Schools Superintendent William R. Hite

“Thank you for the service that Side by Side is providing to students in Prince George’s County Public Schools. Side by Side is one of our most important nonprofit community partners. They started the first parent academy in the county, and have developed an innovative ‘Great Start’ program to equip kindergarten and pre-kindergarten parents with ways to help their children do well in school. The program holds great promise, and we want to see it expand to schools around the county. Especially in a time of financial scarcity, community partners such as Side by Side are crucial to the success of Prince George’s County Public Schools.”

Former Prince George’s Board of Education member Rosalind Johnson

 “I am so pleased to add my endorsement of the first Parent Academy in Prince George’s County. The Board of Education has been working to build strong parent and community engagement with our school system and the launch of the Side by Side Family Academy is a great achievement.”

“We know that when parents become partners with the school system, their children thrive and achieve at high levels. Side by Side is committed to extending the work of our school system by helping to build strong ‘demand parents.’”

Karyn Lynch, former chief of student services, Prince George’s County Public Schools

 “When babies are born, they don’t come with a user’s manual. Parents face a huge learning cure as they set about raising their children to be happy, productive adults. We in the Prince George’s County Public Schools are aware that almost all parents want the best for their children, but that sometimes they struggle because of lack of good modeling from their own parents, stresses in their lives and in their communities, and insufficient knowledge of best child-rearing practices.”

“We are so thankful for Side by Side, Inc., a vital partner that has launched the first community parenting education program for our school families. Side by Side Family Academy is providing crucial information and support to many parents, and we look forward to its growth and duplication throughout Prince George’s County.

“We know that better-equipped parents mean children better-prepared to learn and flourish when they walk into the schoolhouse door each day. Congratulations to Side by Side for its achievements!”

We look forward to our continued active partnership, which benefits the children and families we serve.”

Thomas Tucker, retired principal of Deerfield Run Elementary School

 “I have been impressed with Side by Side on many levels. But most of all is their perseverance. In 19 years as principal of Deerfield Run Elementary School, I have experienced many community groups that have attempted to help the Laurel schools. But when the times got tough – poor turnouts and cold weather – those groups faded. Side by Side as proven to me that they are here for the long haul to help our schools and the communities they serve.”

“This commitment to persevere is important because we know that it takes an innovation about three years to establish itself into the culture of the community. Most groups give up long before that – not Side by Side. Side by Side is the most effective community outreach program I have been associated with in all my years as principal.”

Melinda Lee, principal of Laurel Elementary School

 “We know that when parents become partners with the school system, their children thrive and achieve at high levels. Side by Side is committed to extending the work of our school system by helping to build strong ‘demand parents.’”

“On behalf of the entire student body and staff at Laurel Elementary, I want to thank you for the Side by Side programs that you offered families in the Laurel area. The programs were most informative for the communities. The families were most appreciative of the outstanding workshops for parents, dinner for their families, engaging student activities and childcare for preschoolers.”

“Our staff saw the great improvements in student achievement and homework completion through your Almost Home after-school tutoring program for students in grades K-6.  The Laurel Park community benefited greatly from the program. The students were provided supervision and schoolwork assistance three days per week. My staff was so pleased with the results that 79% of the students showed an increase on their report card in at least one of their classes and 68% of the students showed an increase on their report card in at least one of the following areas: math, reading, reading level, oral and written communication and/or literacy.”

“I have always been a believer that when parents, community and schools work together for the good of our students, it makes for academic and social achievement.  You have helped tremendously with our success.”

Justin Fitzgerald, principal of Bond Mill Elementary School

“It has been an honor working with the good people at Side By Side over the last several years.  Side By Side has positively impacted our Bond Mill community by supporting our students, teachers, and families in countless ways.  Endeavors such as the Great Starts Program have provided our families with strategies to use at home that directly correlate to success at school.  We are truly fortunate to have an asset like Side By Side in our Bond Mill community.”

Laurel Mayor Craig A. Moe

 “The quality of our local public schools is a crucial issue for the city of Laurel and its residents. We are fortunate to have a community organization, Side by Side, that is working hard to strengthen our elementary schools through parent workshops, tutoring, a homework club and other services. They really care about our schools and their families, and are making a difference. Side by Side depends upon private donations and grants to carry out its work. I urge residents and local businesses to help strengthen our schools by supporting Side by Side.”

Maryland Sen. Jim Rosapepe and Delegates Barbara Frush, Joseline Peña-Melnyk and Ben Barnes

 “We applaud Side by Side, Inc. for embracing the vital task of supporting our public schools. Our children are indeed our future.”

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